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12 March 2014     —     Blood & Dirt

     Vera now whined, "I'm thirsty."
     "Look in the chests—you found my gun easily enough."
     "Did you expect I'd let you kidnap me at will?"
     "You wanted a boat ride, and I gave you one."
     "You lied!"
     "Never mind! Get drinks for us all."
     Resentment showed in every line of face and body,
but she brought jugs for us before slumping with her own
into the farthest corner.
     I gulped deeply, then eyed her.
     "You surprise me. I expected more hardiness from one of your nation."
     She scowled, not meeting my eye.
     "I am no true daughter of the eagle, raised like a goat among white crags.
[More to come — most likely.]